Running the Race

I been in college for 5yrs now. At first I wanted to be a social worker but I couldn’t get into that major because my gpa wasn’t high enough, so, I felt like it was a sign that I wasn’t meant to go into that field. So, I chose, Family Development. I felt like this … More Running the Race

Faith Talk

Sometimes, we as people over react in a lot of situations. I know I do. I am the over reacting queen lol but in every situation, God got me through it and made things happen for me.  I was starting to stress and worry myself about, how I was going to pay my bills next … More Faith Talk

He loved me ANYWAY!

Sometimes I wonder,  do God really know who He’s blessing? Do he know, I strayed away many times? I doubted him sometimes? I wasn’t a believer sometimes? I broke promises to him? I sinned plenty of times?..With all I have done, He kept me and blessed me ANYWAY:'(! He forgave me and covered me ANYWAY!.He … More He loved me ANYWAY!


What happens when the person that admires you find out something not so admiring? Do you address it or let it go?